8:30am        Registration and Continental Breakfast



9:00am       Introduction

We will begin by exploring a research-based profile of today’s firm leader including typical qualifications, time spent managing, training and guidance provided, tenure and re-entry issues and the most common initial questions that new firm leaders have.

Navigating Your Transition Process

In this session, we will discuss the four predictable stages that you will likely go through in making your transition; the five discrete circumstances that you may find your firm facing and their different leadership requirments; and help you assess your unique circumstances and where you add value as the firm leader.

Case Study 

Participants will explore what action they might take and what counsel they might offer if they found themselves in the situation confronting the managing partner in this case study.

Making An Impact

As the firm leader, you are no longer measured by your individual contribution alone, and what has made you successful up to now will not automatically carry you through in your new position.  We will review some of the traits, characteristics, behaviors and tactics that the most effective  leaders employ to make a positive impact and identify some of the most common mistakes that new leaders make.

Creating Dialogue With Your Peers & Power Brokers

While you may not officially take office for a number of weeks (or months), you need to use this time to develop your specific plan for how you will interact with: your predecessor, your executive committee, any disappointed rivals, your administrative professionals, with clients, and perhaps most importantly with your partners.

12:00pm     Lunch with Special Guest Speaker                      



1:30 p.m.    Setting Your Strategic Agenda

While you may have a number of important objectives to tackle, to satisfy both your and your board / executive committee's requirements, you need to start with establishing a few key imperatives, get partner buy-in and secure some quick and early successes.

Leading Change and Overcoming Resistance

Being a firm leader requires influencing your firm to face its problems and live into its opportunities; and then mobilize partners to tackle those tough challenges.  Learn how to work effectively with your partners to create real ownership of a few key priorities and develop your plan to move the firm foreward.

Case Study: “Hurry Up and Wait”

Participants will explore what action they might take and what counsel they might offer if they found themselves in the situation confronting the Managing Partner in this case study.

Balancing The Time / Priority Agenda

A common challenge for firm leaders is determining how much of their time to spend solving problems versus exploring opportunities; working with paper versus with people; and focusing on the urgent versus focusing on the important.  This session discusses: “Where will you spend your management time?”

Understanding Your ‘Dark Side’

Many of your partners may be reluctant to mention that certain of your behaviors are off-putting or that you have a habit that annoys some of your colleagues and diminishes your support.  Learn about some of the more common traits that can adversely impact the new managing partner and most importantly, how you can be derailed when under stress.

NOTE: Each registrant will be invited to participate in a confidential personality assessment designed to help identify how to cope with excessive stress.

Handling The Tough Challenges

Explore how to handle effectively some of the more sensitive and difficult scenarios that every firm leader is likely, at some time, to confront–from dealing with your predecessor’s legacy to confronting the partner who has difficulty treating others in the firm respectfully.

Q & A 

This concluding session will summarize, synthesize, debate, question and answer any of your “real world” management and leadership issues.  As a group, we will determine and discuss those challenges unique to the new Firm Chair / Managing Partner.


4:30pm        Reception





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