Post # 848 – May 29, 2020

The Post-Pandemic Importance of Industry Groups

In this post-pandemic arena, I believe your ability to have an effective industry group operation will no longer be discretionary.  In fact, having your groups functioning as high-performing teams is likely to be what separates those law firms that emerge from this crisis much stronger from those firms that seriously falter.  This process starts with your leadership team postioning industries as a strategic priority and partners being invited, encouraged and incentivized to position themselves as knowledge leaders in those industries niches recognized to be most lucrative.

So, if you are looking for specific insight into Industry Group Practices may I invite you to have a read through our in-depth 13-page article, “Clients Want Firms That Know Their Industry” in the latest edition of Legal Business World magazine.  It covers this subject in the kind of prescriptive detail that you will NOT obtain from any other source.  And if it stimulates any observations or questions, please give me a shout: 780.921.8286


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