Post # 849 – June 3, 2020

In Matters of Strategy: Beware of Best Practices

I was taken back the other day by an article wherein the author, a law firm consultant, was promoting the concept of best practices and how his firm had developed an “evaluation tool” to assess how close you are to achieving a true industry focus.  The proposition was that they have a “diagnostic tool which allows your firm to assess the current level of effectiveness of your existing industry strategy.”  It all sounded so compelling.  They then suggested that your firm could engage them to help you “progress to the next stage by way of a workshop to run through the issues identified and explore the gap and the solutions.”

What is it about this term, ‘best practices’ that makes it sound so persuasive, and yet why don’t they always seem to work as well as some might be suggesting?  I would caution that it is nothing more than the myth of a single standard of excellence; the one right way to compete. 

In fact, I have a few concerns that come to mind that I believe are worth you considering

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