Post # 850 – June 10, 2020

Big Industry Groups Suck!

In a recent webinar on industry group best practices, the panelists were asked whether there was an ideal size for their groups.  “How big do you allow an industry sector group to become?” asked the moderator.  According to the first panelist: “I would say, our membership is unlimited . . . the more the merrier.”  

Unfortunately, bigger does not always mean better, and nowhere is that more evident than when it comes to measuring practice or industry group effectiveness.  In the process of David Maister and my writing First Among Equals, we devoted an entire chapter to our observations from working with and interviewing the leaders of high performing practice and industry groups – across professions.  In it we reported emphatically that one of the clearest ways to ensure failure is to allow membership to grow beyond a small, solid working group.

Here’s a half-dozen important reasons why big groups suck, why we need to strive for smaller teams, and some prescriptive options for you to consider in making a course correction.

Read the complete article – HERE

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