Post #856 – July 22, 2020


Is Your Industry Group Monitoring Trends?


As I have been attempting to convey in my series of articles on the importance of industry focus, clients don’t see the world along your conventional practice group lines.  For our purposes here, one activity that I have learned that only high-performance industry groups do, is they engage their members in a monthly meeting specifically to review the trends impacting their clients. 


Now, one of the challenges that every industry group leader faces is dealing with busy professionals living in a bubble; head down and consumed in solving client issues such that they are not involved in looking outward or knowing anything about what developments may be transpiring that could affect their practices and their future prosperity.  So, one of the important subjects that your group needs to devote some time to focusing on, is in identifying emergent marketplace changes.


Staying on top of industry-related market information can be achieved, in the following 10 ways. 

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