Post #859 – August 12, 2020

Memo to Firm Leader: Are You Getting Minutes from Group Meetings?


Whenever I’ve been called in to work with some firm’s practice or industry group, perhaps some group that needs remedial assistance or one wishing to formulate a strategic direction, my first questions of firm leadership is usually to please send me copies of the groups’ most recent meeting minutes.  The response I almost always elicit is . . . “Minutes? What the hell do you mean by minutes?”  Which tells me everything I need to know!

I have continually found that too many group meetings (if your practice or industry teams are meeting at all – whether in person or now virtually) are simply a convenient excuse to find out what everyone has been up to lately.  Many groups may spend time talking about workloads and about what might be new with a particular client that everybody is familiar with – but few actually engage in collaborating on projects that could advance the group’s ambitions.  


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