Post #862 – August 26, 2020


Lessons BigLaw Could Learn from BigTech


In today’s knowledge economy ideas matter, but that said, we still seem to spend most of our time on “execution” work.  In other words, we may happen to develop some new service offering (like cybersecurity) and then obsess and spend our time exploiting it, without focusing any meaningful (non-billable) investment time on developing the next new service.  Consequently, too many law firms devote their energies to refinement, not invention. 

Meanwhile, these Tech giants have figured out how to minimize execution work which creates room for new ideas which they then turn into reality.  Their cultures have been purposely designed to support invention.  They remove any internal barriers that would prevent ideas from moving through the organization and bring the best of those ideas to life. 

Here are some examples, perhaps worthy of thinking about and seeking to emulate in your firm

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