Post # 869 – December 1, 2020

Looking Back on 2020: Ten of My Most Popular Insights

It’s been an unprecedented year and I sincerely hope that sharing my articles and insights, here on LinkedIn, have helped to answer some of your leadership and strategic challenges.  Below is a list of some of my most popular articles in case you missed any of them the first time.  Happy reading, stay well and future focused, and please share these with your team & colleagues. 


• Memo to Firm Leader: Are You Getting Minutes from Group Meetings?

Many groups may spend time talking about workloads and about what might be new with a particular client that everybody is familiar with – but few actually engage in collaborating on projects that could advance the group’s ambitions -


• Suffering Obsolescence (Part 2): Are You Fostering a Skill Building Culture?

Since your firm sells professional skill rather than time (hopefully), it makes sense that one should probably think of those skills as valuable assets and have some kind of program to manage and prevent those assets from inevitably becoming obsolete -


• Suffering Human Capital Obsolescence: Partners Doing the Same Old Schtick!

In most firms, my observation is that we seriously over-invest in the efficiency (“let’s provide a discount” or “do more for less”) arena and under-invest in having partners working to build their skills –


• Is Your Industry Group Monitoring Trends?

One activity that I have learned that only high-performance industry groups do, is they engage their members in a monthly meeting specifically to review the trends impacting their clients -


• Embrace Thought Leadership as Your Industry Group’s Strategy for Growth

Here are 12 recommended actions for how you and your group might develop a position of being recognized industry thought leaders -


• Enough with The Visionary Leadership BS

While many books on leadership suggests that a leader needs to have a vision, I think it is all very nice in theory, sounds profoundly intelligent as a concept, but is absolute BS in its application         -


• Big Industry Groups Suck!

Here’s a half-dozen important reasons why big groups suck, why we need to strive for smaller teams, and some prescriptive options for you to consider in making a course correction -


• In Matters of Strategy: Beware of Best Practices

What is it about this term, ‘best practices’ that makes it sound so persuasive, and yet why don’t they always seem to work as well as some might be suggesting?  I would caution that it is nothing more than the myth of a single standard of excellence; the one right way to compete -


• What to Do When Your Chosen Industry Falters

What happens if the industry focus that you happen to have selected, like retail, is now being decimated by the coronavirus pandemic -


• Having Your Groups Firing on All Cylinders

My work with literally hundreds of practice leaders over the past two decades confirms for me that there are at least ten structural impediments, in no particular order of importance, all of which should be addressed if you ever hope to have effective groups -


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