Post #874 – February 16, 2021

Upcoming Managing Partners' Forum North America WEBINAR:

Dealing With The Underperforming or Misbehaving Partner

The underperforming or misbehaving partner in a professional firm is hard to ignore. It can be costly in addition to the risk of a potential time bomb regarding client relationships. In many cases the underperforming partner might not be a ‘newbie’ but a once high achieving partner that is now floundering due to any number of reasons. The misbehaving partner can be anywhere in a firm even amongst the star billers. Other partners are now pointing the finger at the firm’s leadership to deal with the bubbling animosity. Overall it creates an interesting challenge for firm leaders, firm values and firm cultures.

In this relevant moderated panel discussion hear from two firm leaders (accounting and law) that have had to deal with underperforming or misbehaving partners and also joining the panel are two leadership specialists that advise professional services firms.

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