Post# 875 – March 18, 2021

Listen to our Managing Partners’ Forum Webinar: 

“Dealing with The Underperforming or Misbehaving Partner”


In tackling this thorny subject our four panelists also explore a number of DIFFERENT definitions of underperformance, some of which go entirely overlooked in many firms.  


For example there is:


• the Obvious – the partner who for whatever reason is not achieving their billable hour performance standards;


• the Hoarder – that partner who holds tight all of their billable work to make themselves look good, without bothering to delegate that portion that they know full well could be done by juniors thereby providing better value to the client;


• the Gate Keeper – the partner who will not introduce any other lawyers to their clients even though they know full well that the more lawyers from the firm serving the client, the more loyal that client becomes; and


• the Deadbeat – that partner who is meeting billable goals, but meeting those standards by doing the same old schtick, often only marginally profitable, without bothering to invest any time in building their skills to make themselves more valuable.


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