Post #877 – April 29, 2021

Listen to Our Latest Managing Partners Webinar


Last week I was pleased to moderate a panel discussion focusing on the subject of Leadership Succession.


We discussed how under normal circumstances transitioning a new Firm Leader is challenging, can be disruptive, and how this lingering Covid pandemic may have created even greater challenges.   


We polled our audience of over 80 participating Firm Leaders on 6 issues, and discussed amongst our four panelists - adequate preparation time for any new leader to get ready; what specific training was provided; formal efforts to identify traits wanted in leadership candidates; formal succession planning; skills felt important for the next generation of firm leaders; how important diversity and inclusion was in succession; and specific lessons that could be learned from this pandemic.  


I’m pleased to advise that the video recoding of this one-hour Webinar is available for you to view at:

A 3 minute taster has also been created at

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