Post #886 – July 2, 2021

Would You As Firm Leader Benefit From Having An Advisory Board?


There is an old saying that goes, it can be lonely at the top — especially if you are a busy law firm leader trying to maintain a modicum of a personal practice while also charting a course for your firm’s future growth.


However, you don't always have to go it alone or rely on the intuition of only your fellow colleagues – some of whom may have their own personal agendas to advance or not have the kind of business experience that you need.  A good number of other professional service firms, from accounting to consulting, have found success through having an external advisory board to counsel the firm’s leadership on various aspects of the business — everything from operations to planning for growth or enhancing client service.


Think about the last time you met with a group of business people and had an open discussion, sharing ideas and concerns.  An Advisory Board is a formal version of this process.  Unlike a one-time event, you might think of an Advisory Board as your own special leadership think tank.  Participants can serve as your personal sounding board, a source of insights and expertise — and give you honest and candid advice.  If properly constituted, your advisory board will be comprised of people with no axe to grind, and who want to listen and impart their knowledge.


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