Post #887 – July 14, 2021

Claiming To Be Full Service Is An Exercise In Irrelevance


Too often your firm’s strategy, assuming that you have one, is focused on the wrong issues.  


Many keep asking, “How can we effectively compete with (that particular firm) at what they are doing in (some particular area)?”  Firms are so intent on watching each other and imitating what each other do, that they fall victim to competitor inertia.  The more your firm looks like everyone else and as any distinguishable differences between firms blur, competition leads to commoditization.


Many firms attempt to be different but are not truly differentiated because they pursue forms of uniqueness that clients simply do not value.  Some of the most prominent examples of this are firms that propagandize their: number of lawyers; reputation and years in business; growth in revenues; promise to assign the best people; commitment to superior client service; various (pay-to-play) “Best Lawyers” awards; devotion to producing results; etc.  Sorry: these are ALL table stakes, not points of meaningful, to clients, differentiation.


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