Post #892 – August 18, 2021


Be ORIGINAL Rather Than Imitating Competitors


Many view other competitors, their strategies, their performance and experience as the benchmark from which to set standards for their own firm.  That kind of competitive comparison may makes sense, especially as your firm’s performance is often defined by what your peer firms are doing.  Where this approach becomes an obstruction is when the logic behind what works for some other firm, why it works and what might work for you, is not assiduously examined and thereby results in firms engaging in nothing but mindless imitation.


Consider these examples drawn from my observations and experiences:

• You imitate the EFFECTS of success rather than the cause,

• You believe and subsequently copy things you read and hear that other firms are SUPPOSEDLY doing.

• You duplicate the most VISIBLE action you see competitors initiating.

• You BLINDLY adopt the forms, practices or strategies someone brings along from another firm.

You are not going to get ahead by imitating what your competitors are doing – “I’ll have what she’s having,” as a diner in the movie Sleepless in Seattle said to her waitress while watching Meg Ryan fake an orgasm.  When every firm chases the same strategies, they all slide inexorably into sameness and mediocrity. 


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