Post #893 – August 25, 2021

Some Strategic Thought Provokers


A few brief, pragmatic snippets to pop some ideas out of your intellectual toaster:

• Fight Established Routines.

Some partners can be like those old spring-powered watches — they have to be shaken hard to get them going.   

• What’s Your Competitive Advantage?

If you do include a testimonial, make sure that there is a REAL name attached.

• Welcome New Voices.

If you don’t think one of your younger professionals could have some tasty contributions to make to your Executive Committee, you are clearly suffering a bad case of truth decay!

• Eliminate Barriers to Switching.

Ask yourself: “What keeps this person or company from becoming our client tomorrow?”

• Be A Creator of NEXT Practices.

Simply adopting someone else’s best practice may not be your best practice after all!

• What’s Your Skills-Building Strategy?

The half-life of knowledge is decreasing at a furious rate.  


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