Post #894 – September 1, 2021

More Strategic Thought Provokers.

Further to my earlier article, here are the final six snippets:

• Approach Strategy by “BackCasting” – Moving from The Future Back.

Research has shown that people who use the current situation and project in a linear fashion tend to be overly optimistic.  

• Beware the Obstacles to Executing Your Best Intentions.

Some partners believe that implementing the strategy and “getting their hands dirty” is beneath them.

• Where Do You Spend Your Management Time?

There is a powerful gravitational pull that unconsciously moves us toward fixing things instead of innovating, toward reacting rather than being proactive.  

• Quantify and Communicate Real Value.

Clients need and want you to identify what adds value (as they perceive value).

• What is Your Succession Strategy?

Do you know that there is a competitive firm out there right now that is targeting the clients of your soon-to-retire partners?

• Create A Sense of Urgency.

Your challenge is to help people see what changes need to take place.


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