Post #907 – December 9, 2021

Making A Shockingly Unimpressive Impact


I was reading how salaries had now reached $1 million for global CMOs, and then happened upon a magazine published exclusively for CEOs where I came across 2-page interviews with four firm leaders of NY-based BigLaw firms. Here was the first question posed to each:
Question: “How do you define your difference and what sets your firm apart in the industry?

FIRM 1: “Our people, expertise and the cross border global nature of the firm are what set us apart. We are a global elite law firm, advising on some of the most significant marquee disputes and transactions that shape our clients’ businesses and the industries in which they operate. Our successes point towards excellence and our robust global platform. Our lawyers and staff operate with a mindset of distinction and dedication throughout everything they do.”

FIRM 2:  “Our difference starts with our attorneys and their commitment to our clients. Our priority is understanding the businesses of our clients and letting that dictate our legal strategy. We also value retention and relationship-service as a key to success – we have some clients who have been with the firm since its inception, and many who have worked with us for decades over hundreds of matters. These institutional relationships continue to grow not just because we provide clients with excellent legal advice, but because we care about their growth and success.”

FIRM 3:  “Our core strength is our consistent, intense focus on teamwork. It sets us apart in the industry. We delivered exceptional client outcomes last year against the backdrop of a tremendously uncertain environment and a scary time for us all personally, and this is a testament to our guiding values. This level of teamwork is only possible because we have exceptional people. The spirit of our people, who are skilled, creative and innovative, and our dedication to our clients, no matter the circumstance, is what made the year we just had happen. We operate in a way that makes our institution unique.”

FIRM 4:  “We are a purpose-driven firm with an unparalleled reputation for excellence and professionalism. Our commitment to improving our communities and to fighting for social and racial justice dates back to our earliest days, long before such efforts were popular. We don’t try to be all things to all clients; we focus on five areas where we lead the market.  Our firm’s entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability enable us to not just survive challenges and uncertainty, but to thrive.”

What shocked me was these leaders each wasting valuable space, in a preeminent CEO publication to deliver such a trivial, unimpressive message. 
So, where are those million-dollar CMOs helping their firm leaders get proper media interview training?


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