Post # 950

Leadership Reflections for The Remainder of 2022.

Looking back over these past six months and the leadership legacy you have been creating . . .

What do you need to LET GO OF or complete before the year is over?

What type of personal EXAMPLE have you set for others during this past year?

Did you handle those sensitive and difficult situations in ways you would want your team / firm members to REMEMBER? 

As you look at your personal day-timer over the past months – how did you spend your TIME and what message do you think you sent your people about what it is that you really value?

What specific initiative did you successfully put in place that helped your team / firm pursue EXCELLENCE?

As you reflect upon those of your competitors that are doing exceptionally well, how might you INCORPORATE some of the things they accomplished into your team / firm?

Looking to the remainder of 2022, is the climate you are creating within your team / firm conducive to INNOVATION or is the prevailing attitude one of calculated mediocrity? 

What specific goal have you set for yourself, and how will that goal stretch your thinking and your ACTIONS going forward?


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