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My 2023 Most Popular LinkedIn Posts.

Here are the TOP PERFORMING articles that I posted this past year as judged by YOUR viewership, for which I am most grateful. I hope that some of my rants provided WORTHWHILE information and/or prompted you to take some MEANINGFUL action.

• Here’s to “SLOBIFICATION,” Down with Traditionalists?
“Returning to the office, some have little experience working, socializing and may be unsure about what is APPROPRIATE to wear.”

• Examining The Inner Workings of Law Firm LEADERSHIP.
“ Here are the RESULTS from a survey containing over 35 questions to a group of some 250 law firm leaders.”

• Are You Trending Towards Becoming OBSOLETE?
“I strongly believe that Firm Leaders need to pose 4 SERIOUS QUESTIONS to each colleague in one-on-one (virtual) coaching discussions.”

• Why Law Firm Leaders Are Stepping DOWN?
“Michael Rynowecer and I discovered that 31% of law firm leaders do NOT like their job all that much. Here is what those leaders pointed out to us.”

• Some Undeniable TRUTHS About Change.
“If we knew today what we will know by 2028, how would we change how we practice law — what we offer, clients we target, and ways we deliver services?”

• A.I. May Prevent Lawyers From Worshipping GOLDEN IDOLS!
“My good friend and colleague David Maister used to say, we are a profession of HEATHENS - people who worship golden idols. The golden idol we worship is the BILLABLE HOUR.”

• Recognizing STAR Potential.
“Before you make a commitment to hiring anyone, here are some performance characteristics to look for . . . in “STAR” candidates.”

• Law Firm Leaders: Get the Behavior You TOLERATE.
“You have to constantly be challenging partners to set the example for others and stretch people toward pursuing higher goals.”

• Law Firm Leaders: SECRETS for Staying Grounded?
“A number of firm leaders I’ve known have scheduled time with someone objective; someone outside of the firm, and that they could talk freely to about their agenda.”

• Are You Versed in How AI is CHANGING Your Client Industries?
“The increasing prominence of AI has implications for your practice and your client’s industries. Here's examples.”

Here's to more learning and growth in 2024.

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