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Innovation In The Practice of Law (COLPM, 2006)

Industry Specialization: Making Competitors Irrelevant

When It Comes Time To Instigate Change

Leadership Lessons From The Trenches

The Fearless Leader's Advisory Board

Passing The Baton: The Last 100 Days (Ark Pub, 2008)

First 100 Days: Transitioning A New Managing Partner (NXT Book, 2006)

beyondKNOWING (IBMP, 2000)

Herding Cats (IBMP)

Becoming Firm Leader

The Disruption In Transitioning To A New Firm Leader

Analyzing A Leadership Candidate's Strengths

How Effective Leaders Delegate

The Value in Developing A Leadership Brand

How New Managing Partners Can Avoid Being BlindSided

The Leadership Succession Process

When Job Descriptions Don't Do The Job

Recovering From A Leadership Misstep

When Firm Leaders Transition

The Question of Partner Compensation Guarantees

Firm Leadership Is NOT For Wimps!

Exploring The Dark Side: When Leaders Overuse Their Strengths

Are You Getting The Minutes From Your Practice Group Meetings?

Are You Developing A Star Culture?

6 Factors That Can Impede Effective Firm Leader-COO Relationships

A Novel Approach To Compensation

Practice Group Leadership 2.0

Inside The Corridors of Firm Leadership

Malignant Leadership (AmLaw Article)

Thought-Provoking Management Metrics

Sliced Too Thin (AmLaw article)

Surviving The Switch: Thrive During A Change in Firm Leadership

Do You Know What It Takes To Be A Firm Leader?

Crazy Like A Fox

Low Return (AmLaw article)

Roundtable On Managing Partner Compensation

McKenna On Leading Change In Your Firm

Confronting The Underperforming Partner

The Challenge of Sharing Leadership

Managing Partner Outlook

The State of Law Firm Leadership

Evaluating Your Performance As A Managing Partner

Where Leaders Stumble

Rules of Engagement (2010)

Counseling New Firm Leaders (2010)

Getting Partners To Follow Through (2010)

Leadership Transitions (2009)

Handling The Trauma of Layoffs (2009)

The Anxieties & Seductions of Leadership (2009)

Tenure Trap: The Question of MP Term Limits (2009)

Maneuvering In The Downturn (2008)

On The Glory Of Being Managing Partner (2008)

Where New Leaders Spend Their Time (2008)

Taking Charge (2008)

When Needing To Replace A Practice Leader (2008)

Measuring A Firm's Culture (2007)

The Tensions of Leadership (2007)

Successful Transitions (2007)

Management's 2007 Agenda

Addressing Structural Complexities (2006)

Management's Burning Issues (2005)

Making Practice Groups Work (2005)

Selecting Your Next Managing Partner (2005)

The Logic For Having An Advisory Board (2005)

A Profile of Today's Managing Partner (2004)

The Art of Brainstorming (2002)

Planning Your Firm Retreat (2002)

Energizing Your Practice Group Meetings (2000)

Gaining A Better Understanding Of The Partners You Manage (2000)

Working With Your Partners Without Getting Resistance (2000)

Bringing Your Strategy Process Back To Life

Schedule Time For Strategic Thinking

Stimulating Innovation In Your Firm

Understanding Industry Dynamics

Perspectives On Firm Strategy

Efficiency Is Not THE Competitive Advantage

The Seeds Of Competitive Disruption

The Hurdles To Initiating Change

Competitive Plagiarism

6 Elements of Meaningful Differentiation

Overcoming The Hurdles To Executing Your Strategy

Methodologies That Make Strategic Planning A Waste of Time

Are You Being Afflicted With Strategy Viruses?

Leading Change: Adaptive Approaches To Implementation

Searching For Opportunities Amidst The Gloom (2009)

Helping Clients Cope With The Economy (2009)

Managing Through A Prolonged Downturn (2008)

Law Firm Strategy Revisited (2008)

Perspectives On Law Firm Strategy (2007)

Ten Steps To Enhance Innovation (2006)

Challenger Strategies: How To Compete Against A Dominant Player (2005)

Strategic Planning - A Report On The State Of The Art (2005)

Firm Strategy & Industry Clusters (2004)

Strategy Lessons From An Old Fable (2003)

The Innovation Imperative:
How to make Stategic Innovation Happen (2002)

Why Strategic Planning Doesn't Work - And What You Should Be Doing (2002)

How Healthy is your Stategy (2002)

Talking With Law Firm Strategic Planning Officers (2002)

Competing Against Size (2000)

A Question of Selective Focus (2000)

Develop a First Mover Advantage (2000)

Conducting Client Interviews

Beware The Naive Marketer

Getting Unbeatable Testimonials (2009)

Client Teams: A Look At Current Practices (2009)

Enhanced Focus on Key Clients Yields Results (2006)

Protecting Your Crown Jewels (2006)

Marketing Your Merger (2006)

Genuine Client Focus: Managing The Sophisticated Client's Expectations (2004)

Understanding Client's Needs (2003)

Why Law Firms Need Non-Executive Directors

A Field Guide For The Mobile Lawyer

The Managing Partner Academy: Series of Articles & Advisories

The Disruptive But Inevitable Move To Alternative Fees (2009)

Managing Through The Downturn (2008 - Present)

Seven Questions To Ask Yourself

Acknowledge Your People's Endeavors

Take Time To Be Inspiring

You Get What You Deserve

Seeing Through Your Client's Eyes

Defining Your Performance Metrics

The Quest For Seamless Service

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40+ Unsolicited Commentaries:

"I read much of your material and respect your work.  Very thoughtful and thought provoking.  I try to be consistent with that excellent standard."                                  Michael Nannes, Chairman - Dickstein Shapiro (Washington DC)

"I have just read your article! I just wanted to say that I thought it was absolutely sensational - right on the point - and I have copied it to each of my Business Unit Leaders. Keep up the good work."
      Don Boyd, Chairman - Deacons (Australia)

"I want to tell you that I was totally blown away by your latest article. It is the most concise explanation I have ever seen on firm economics. Your formulas are clear enough that everyone should understand that in the long run working harder as opposed to smarter is a chump's game. You really just get better and better."
      Ronald Martin, Strategic Planning Partner - Holland & Hart (Denver)

"Just a note to tell you that I thought your article in the current issue of International Practice Manager was outstanding and I intend to use it as a basis for a discussion that our firm's leadership will be having with respect to strategy next month."
      Robert S. Vineberg, Founding Partner - Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg          (Montreal)

"I have just read your article on Strategy. I found it more thought provoking than much of the stuff that is produced on this topic. It is of particular interest because I am managing partner here and currently responsible for our own strategy. I have to produce a paper for my own partners soon and shall certainly draw on what you have written."
      Neil C. Faris, Managing Partner - Cleaver Fulton Rankin Solicitors 

"You articles make very interesting reading. I would like to share them with my partners who are holding a strategic planning retreat next week."
      Lee G. Muthoga, Senior Partner - Muthoga, Gaturu & Company (Nairobi, 

"Just finished reading your article.  ~~Wow~~  An incredible piece of work!! And a substantial, thoughtful article for our readers. In particular, a key part of our leadership issue.  Many thanks!!!!!"
      David J. Bilinsky, Editor-in-Chief - Law Practice Magazine [ABA]

"The mind of Patrick McKenna, one of the world's leading consultants to law and other professional service firms, is a wondrous thing to watch.  It goes bravely into the darkest recesses of practice and knowledge, and spreads light where no light has been seen before."
      Bruce Marcus, author of Client At The Core and numerous books on                professional service firm issues

"Just read your Spring 2012 International Review magazine from cover to cover.  I always greatly enjoy it - best coverage of our business that exists . . . period!"
      James Hill, former Chairman - Benesch Friedlander  (Cleveland)

"I've got to say, your work in the area of Law Firm Management has certainly grabbed my attention and I am currently reading through all of the articles you've posted. Thank you."
      Leon Loganathan, Managing Partner - Ward Keller  (Australia)

"My hat is off to you . . . in fact I have dropped it to the ground as I applaud enthusiastically.  Your piece on Malignant Leadership is one the best, clearest, and most courageous pieces of writing I have read in . . . forever!  Great job."
      Edwin B. Reeser, former Executive Committee member and Office                    Managing Partner - Sonnenschein (Los Angeles)

"I read your article: Practice Group Leadership 2.0.  Fabulous!  I implemented this last month.  The article lays the plan out perfectly."
      Vincent A. Cino, Chairman - Jackson Lewis  (Morristown)

"I just wanted to say, I've just read the article and it's fantastic - truly one of the most inspiring law practice management pieces I've read in a long while.  I'm really looking forward to the reception from our readers."
      Alice Trouncer - The Law Society  (UK)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the most recent issue of MCK International Review - extremely well-written and relevant."
      Stephen A. Pike, Firm Managing Partner - Gowlings  (Toronto)

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your article The Hurdles to Initiating Change.  I thought the article was extremely well written, which is unfortunately a rarity in the articles that I usually see posted (and later plagiarized by others) on the internet.  I just wanted to let you know it was appreciated."
      Males A. McKeown, CPA - Rose, Snyder & Jacobs  (California)

"Patrick always writes something so valuable because he provides perspective on some of the most - what should be - obvious things.  And he says it so well!"
      Joe Murphy, VP Strategy & Consulting - MAXIMUS  
(14,000 person health and human services publicly traded company) 

"Patrick McKenna's International Review magazine invariably includes some of the best, most thoughtful articles on law firm leadership and the role of the managing partner that you will find anywhere."
      John Remsen, President - Managing Partner Forum 

"I don't generally reach out on articles I read, but I wanted to compliment you on the 'Perspectives on Firm Strategy' article in your Fall 2014 International Review magazine.  Really excellent.  Great Stuff.  Any objections to me sharing it with some of my firm leadership"
      Jeremy Roth, Co-President & Managing Director - Littler Global 

"This is a terrific eye-opening analysis - highly recommend a read of this." 
      Liz Espin Stern, Head of Global Mobility Practice - Mayer Brown 

"This is old school thought, however it is one of the most effective and up to date, even with today's so called Guru of this and that.  We fully support Patrick J. McKenna's methods and practices without reservation.  As founder of Northone Asia & Associates I am old school myself but over the years feel it is still the best of all.  Thank you again!"
      Group President, CEO - Northone Asia & Associates (Singapore)

"Thanks for sharing your wisdom which is most appreciated and indeed encouraging." 
      Colin Tseng-Liu, COO  - Baker & McKenzie 
(Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia)

"Brilliant article Patrick! I like the way you have articulated the concept of 'what you focus on expands.'"
      Simon Lange, IT Project Management - Healthways (Australia)

      Petronela Ana, Litigation Head - BWSP Hammond Bogaru (Bucharest) 

"Keep up the prolific sharing of thoughts, observations and experiences and your provocation of meaningful discussions around law firm management and operations."
      Fredrick G. Lautz, Firm Managing Partner - Quarles & Brady

"Thanks again Patrick. Your writing is always stimulating and has me nodding my head . . . again and again . . ." 
      Simon Tupman, Director - Lawyers With A Life Ltd.  (New Zealand) 

"You are the greatest! I have read all your work. Thanks."
      Kevin J. Burke, Chairman - Hinshaw & Culbertson (Chicago)

"Another fabulous issue of your magazine!  You should see the hand-written annotations and highlights from cover to cover."                                                            Patrick J. Whalen, Chairman - Spencer Fane (Kansas City)

"I find your writings to be the most useful in our 'industry'"
       Gary Sasso, President & CEO - Carlton Fields  (Tampa)

"Thanks for the articles.  I find it particularly difficult to populate the Law Firm Leaders newsletter with appropriate material (I always worry about not meeting this group at their level) and your offerings have been a lifesaver."
      Kim Covert, Editor, Publications - The Canadian Bar Association

"Patrick, You have been a huge contributor to the profession for years.  Thank you for this latest work and the thoughts it provokes."
      Cetin Salesman, Business Advisor, Chartered Certified Accountant,
      Managing Partner - 
Goodman Jones LLP [UK]

"Patrick, your work is cited on nine occasions in my "American Law Firms in Transition", so I feel very familiar with you although we have not yet met personally."
      Randall Kiser, Author, Principal Analyst at DecisionSet and a Scholar-in-         Residence at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law

"Patrick, thank you for contributing such great content for us.  The traffic on your posts has been most impressive, to say the least."
      William Josten, Strategic Content Manager, Strategy and Performance -
        Legal Executive Institute

"Your thought leadership is much appreciated.  Your industry group posts have been especially valuable this summer."
      Michael P. McGee, Chief Executive Officer, Miller Canfield

"I love your work and the brilliance of the visual way you write, express your wisdom and how your guidance is so rooted in what is sensible and intellectually honest.  It's kind of a Zen thing but also forward thinking and innovative. You are a cool guy! Thanks for all you do."
      Kevin Joseph Burke, Global Head Strategic Relationships and Past
      Chairman, Fellow American College of Trial Lawyers

"I admire your incisive and insightful writing'"
       Raymond J. Hegarty, author of Billion Dollar IP Strategy and    
        CEO - IntaVal  (Dublin, Ireland)

"Anything Patrick McKenna writes I read.  You can take his ideas and carry them across any services-led industry.  These are top of the line strategies'"
       Joe Murphy, Vice President, National Employer Services, Maximus    

"Your writings on micro-niches have been bang on'"
       Peter Feldberg, Firm Managing Partner - Fasken Martineau   

"Great advice and key questions from an expert on leadership in law firms.  As Tom Peters said, 'Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.'  Patrick helps law firms do just that.'"
       Cole Silver, Esq. - Chief Client Officer, Blank Rome    

"Your articles are like an open window in a stuffy room!'"
       Steve Savory - Head of Digital Publishing, Globe Law & Business    

"As long as I have known you, you are a legend in your industry both for your personality and for your content."
       Luca Cullina - Transforage TCA Ltd, London UK 

"The legend is at it again. Legal Operators, if you are not subscribed to Patrick's teachings, you are missing out big time!  His is one of the best minds in legal - period!"
       Colin S. McCarthy, CEO and Founder at Legal Operators 

"We're proud to share that the book 'Industry Specialization: Making Competitors Irrelevant' is picked by Thinkers360 as one of the most popular and leading books (eBook) of Thought Leaders."

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