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Patrick has worked with at least one of the top ten largest professional service firms in each of over a dozen different countries on issues associated with developing strategic differentiation, improving profitability, client service excellence, and systems for effective practice governance. His work has been featured in such publications as Fast Company, Business Week, Forbes, The Globe and Mail, The Economist, Investor's Business Daily and The Financial Times of London.

The concept of being mentored sounds like something that happens to you when you're young and on the way up.  The truth, however, is that, at any age or stage, we all need a loving critic, a friendly skeptic, a coach, a mentor to help us make sense of the world.  The best way to think of a mentor is as someone who will be your confidante and guide. Someone you can go to in order to try out ideas, get feedback and advice.  I owe a significant debt of gratitude to Charlie Green and Patrick McKenna, previous co-authors, who, to this day, still take the time to preview my writing and make suggestions.

LawDragon is thrilled to have included you among those published in the first guide to the nation's most exclusive consultants, which was selected through a combination of online balloting and old fashioned reporting.  We asked firm leaders who they turn to and they responded with a list of strategic professionals that is truly the crème of the crop.
Katrina Dewey, CEO - LAWDRAGON INC.

I served as the leader my firm, Baker & Daniels LLP, for 15 years.  During my tenure, I became acquainted with many, many consultants to the legal profession.  Without question, Patrick is among the best informed, most effective consultants I have encountered.  His advice is practical, candid, and clearly delivered.  Patrick engenders trust, an essential ingredient in any professional relationship.  I would recommend Patrick to any law firm leader, especially for high-level, difficult assignments requiring well-developed analytical and communications skills and seasoned experience.  In short, Patrick is a "pro" in every sense of the word.
Brian K. Burke, Chair Emeritus - BAKER & DANIELS

Patrick's contributions to our profession are huge and have benefited me greatly.
Mary Cranston, Chair - PILLSBURY WINTHROP

Patrick McKenna is a well-known, busy and peripatetic consultant, the host of otherwise benighted law firm managing partners.
Harry P. Trueheart, Chairman - NIXON PEABODY

A terrific consultant.
David Foltyn, Chairman and CEO - HONIGMAN MILLER

While it shouldn't be that difficult to find consultants in the law firm consulting business who actually understand lawyers, in my 30 years working with lawyer, I have encountered surprisingly few who truly do.  You seem to be one of them.
Gillian Facher, Executive Director - STRADLEY RONON

Having written a book about the vulnerabilities within the law firm infrastructure, I've delved deeper than most into the intricacies that surround the leadership position in particular.  Patrick is, in my opinion, one of the most knowledgable resources available to the law firm leadership community on the market today.  If you are setting to take the helm at some point - - now or in the future - - his First 100 Days Mastercalss is a must.
David J. Parnell, ABA Author, FORBES Contributor, and Principal and Co-Founder of Edward Anthony & Steele LLC

Most specifically, his assignments on behalf of clients have ranged from individual projects to ongoing interventions as evidenced by but a few examples:


Patrick has helped firms in a half-dozen countries develop specific strategic plans for their industry practices in areas as diverse as: agribusiness, life sciences, financial institutions, litigation, advanced logistics, private equity, health care, waste management, franchising, women entrepreneurs, reputational management, government lobbying, and law enforcement litigation prevention.

On behalf of one of the 20 largest firms based in the U.K., he provided extensive assistance and strategy development with the fee-earners of several practice groups to develop action plans for meeting the firm's expanding client needs and to counter the competitive inroads of rival firms.

A growth and diversification engagement was successfully undertaken to reposition a large 60-partner boutique seeking to reduce their dependency on one dominant practice area. The intervention resulted in 30% of future revenues coming from new practices after two years.

On behalf of an 80-year old multi-office professional service firm facing severe financial difficulties, Patrick provided hands-on turnaround counsel to rescue the firm from dissolution, by reducing expenses, enhancing revenues, and improving profitability by over 100%.

Patrick was actively involved in the initial start-up and development of one of the first successful non-legal efforts by a law firm to incorporate and operate a subsidiary business corporation.

Patrick recently led my AmLaw 200 law firm through a strategic planning process.  I am the head of the firm's strategic planning committee. Partrick was a delight to work with, was full of fresh ideas and generally kept us on track.  I found his approach to strategic planning to be refreshingly different and I thought we got good value for what we spent. I would highly recommend Patrick.
William (Bill) Banowsky, Strategic Planning Partner - THOMPSON & KNIGHT

When Baker Donelson's Strategic Planning Committee determined that we should examine, in-depth, the impact of the current economic environment on the future of law firms in general and Baker Donelson in particular, we knew we wanted a facilitator who would bring to the table both a knowledge of our culture and a fresh perspective on the changes globally impacting knowledge-based organizations.  Patrick McKenna was the clear choice for this task.  Patrick not only kept us focused on the critical issues, he enabled us to consider these issues in the context of our Firm's history and culture.  Rather than trying to impose a cookie-cutter solution to the very complex goal of re-engineering the law firm to meet the demands of a changing market place, he facilitated a process that allowed us to develop a list of mission critical issues that built on our strengths and targeted our weaknesses.  We would recommend Patrick to any law firm that wants to take a hard look at the future of the legal profession and what it will take to be competitive in that environment.
William S. Painter, Office Managing Shareholder and Co-Chairman, Strategic Planning Committee - BAKER DONELSON

Thank you for helping us advance our strategy sessions in Santiago.  All the people I spoke with indicated that you were exceptional.  It more than met our expectations and the members are still talking about some of the thought leadership items you suggested.
John E. Wolfgang, Chairman - UHY INTERNATIONAL 
[UHY is one of the world's leading business advisory, consulting and accounting firms, with over 7000 professionals operating across 211 offices in 72 countries.]

Instead of a retreat or a planning summit, we worked a process that lasted several months.  We learned from Patrick to "trust the process," essential to creating a credible plan.  We needed this guidance, Patrick gave it and we have a plan that reflects the depth of our work.  Implementation is started and Patrick is again guiding.  It's good to have a plan.  It's good to have a guide.  We will work with Patrick again.
Alan T. Rogers, Managing Partner - BALCH & BINGHAM

Yours is truly a unique approach and I just hope we do it and nobody else does!  You just keep pouring them out!   I just got the award for "Marketing Partner of the Year" in Orlando.  Where is the " Innovative Consultant of the Year," I will nominate you!
Ronald Martin, Strategic Planning Chairman - HOLLAND & HART

I probably think of you every couple of days.  Your process has given us the tools we need to become better managers of our business.  Because you involved so many of us, so deeply, in learning about the issues facing law firms and businesses in general, we feel that we are aware of the issues, able to make decisions and prioritize our resources, and ready to meet the challenges ahead.  It has been a terrific process.
Karen Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer - GRAY PLANT MOOTY

Patrick is a leader in the field on whom I rely for strategic advice.
Michael B. Ray, Managing Director - STERNE KESSLER

We invited a number of selected firms to propose on assisting us with our strategic planning.  Initially we received 4 proposal, from Hildebrandt, McKinsey, Edge International (McKenna), and The Zeughauser Group.  We had a late entrant, from the Gallup Organization.  At the end of the day, Edge presented the most compelling case for our selection.  We think they are the hands down best choice because they have the insight, experience, and process to best support our efforts.  Their clients have all confirmed that they bring considerable skill and experience to the event, think differently than other consultants, are very intuitive and adaptable, run good process, are very proactive, don't tell you what they think you want to hear, and deliver on their promises.   
Harry S. Lewis, Chief Operating Officer - LITTLER MENDELSON

I've worked with several legal consultants over the years.  One of the very best is Patrick J. McKenna.  Patrick has consulted with Briggs from time to time and was invaluable in educating us on some key law firm management issues and guiding us through some significant matters.  I've also attended a couple of his Managing Partner workshops, where he is practical and highly regarded by all participants.
Alan H. Maclin, President - BRIGGS and MORGAN

Thank you for your work on the program on Strategic Planning at the USLFG Annual Meeting last week.  The program was just what we wanted, was very well-prepared and presented, and will be of real value to the Trustees and Managing Partners.
John McClatchey, Administrative Director - U.S. LAW FIRM GROUP

'Standing Out From The Crowd: Differentiation Strategies to Improve Bottom-line Performance' was one of the best courses of any type that I have attended.  McKenna is a speaker on top of his game.
Jamie Martin, Managing Partner - WARD HADAWAY  [UK]

Patrick, thanks for the time you spent at Parker Poe.  It was superb.  You have quite a talent and are a wonderful communicator!
William P. Farthing, Jr., Former Chairman and Managing Partner - PARKER POE ADAMS & BERNSTEIN

Some consultants do one or the other, but Patrick is superb at bringing together both the strategic essence and the detailed evidence necessary to support his findings; and translates it all into actionable steps designed to get results.

2015 LinkedIn Endorsements for Strategic Planning - received 'unsolicited' from firm leaders and senior professionals representing these and other major firms:

Allen & Overy
Baker & McKenzie
Faegre Baker Daniels
Fasken Martineau (Canada)
Gordon & Rees
Jackson Lewis
Linklaters (Europe)
NautaDutilh (Europe)
Nelson Mullins
Norton Rose Fulbright
Shook Hardy & Bacon
Skadden Arps
Thompson & Knight


Patrick delivered high value to a group of our partners, helped us focus on what it takes to be good leaders, what it takes to run practice groups to achieve higher performance and what it takes to make an organization of high performaing individuals into a great group.  Patrick provided immediately usable work products which could be implemented - highly practical and pertinent and most importantly, very easy to understand and implement.
Kien Keong Wong, Chairman - BAKER & McKENZIE, WONG & LEOW

This was extraordinarily helpful.  Much more helpful than a similar event I went to at the Harvard Business School.  It has given me some terrific insights that I intend to implement immediately.
Scott Turner, Practice Group Leader - NIXON PEABODY

Just wanted to let you know that I thought the Saturday presentation was fantastic.  I  really like your practical approach.  I'm going to go back and use our next Practice Group meeting as a kick-off event and use many of the ideas you outlined.  I'll let you know how things work out.  While the large group poses some logistical challenges, the resources enable us to really make some progress.  Thanks again!!  I now have renewed enthusiasm to get the group moving forward.    
Robert S. Beall, Executive Committee Member and Practice Leader - SHEPPARD MULLIN

I enjoyed the practical tips. Patrick really understands law firm cultures and was responsive to specific questions and situations.
Kerrin Slatery, Practice Group Leader - McDERMOTT WILL & EMERY

Rather than describe Patrick's background, credentials and accomplishments for you, let me simply say that I spent yesterday at his seminar for Practice Group Leaders at the University of Chicago School of Business and you don't want to miss our sessions.
Jerry Stauffer, President - BAKER DONELSON

I just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate your presentation on Saturday.  You gave our Team Leaders a lot of good insight and some very practical advice on how to get started.
Doug Stanley, Managing Partner - FOULSTON SIEFKIN

The feedback has been unanimous that the sessions were extremely valuable and there is a commitment to undertake the suggested development.  We will want to keep you involved.
J. T. Smith, Firm Chairman - WARD & SMITH


Working with the Executive Committee of a global law firm, Patrick provided a series of sessions for the office managing partners from over 50 different offices. These sessions covered diverse skill issues from how to help professionals set personal objectives and how to build team spirit, to how to improve underproductive performance and how to successfully confront problem behavior.

On behalf of a growth-oriented East Coast firm, he resolved a firm-threatening dispute involving senior partners by facilitating the restructuring of their governance and compensation systems to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Working with the Executive Committee of one of Europe's largest firms, he utilized a proprietary process to aid the management team, coming from five countries, to define, articulate and communicate a common perception of the firm's future direction together with a management structure and the action plans necessary to fulfil their growth goals.

Patrick McKenna is a longtime succession consultant and coach to new firm leaders.


There are a number of talented consultants who offer coaching, resources and tools to help new firm leaders. One of the best in the field is Patrick McKenna, who authored "First 100 Days - Transitioning a New Managing Partner."
Susan Saltonstall Duncan - writing in InFocus: Insights on Legal Practice Strategies and Innovations

McKenna knows a thing or two about the concerns of managing partners.  He has written a book about law firm leadership transition.  In addition for the last few years, he has conducted seminars to prepare incoming leaders about their what they should expect of their new roles and how they might best meet those demands.
Steven T. Taylor - OF COUNSEL, The Legal Practice and Management Report

Patrick McKenna is that same consultant used eight years ago.  He must be good because he helped design and execute a process that brought us Marko and eight excellent years of growth and success.  Littler is now on the launching pad to move from being a “great” law firm to becoming a "transformational" 21st century legal solution provider worldwide!
Garry G. Mathiason, Chairman - LITTLER MENDELSON

One of your great strengths is that you have seen and studied a lot of managing partner transitions.  Thus, you carry a lot of credibility when you say "These are the things you should focus your attention on."  Thanks again for a great program.
Matthew P. O'Loughlin, Chairman - THE BRATTLE GROUP  [economics consulting firm]

Thank you so much for the insights and information you provided.  As always, I find that you have a deep understanding and a wealth of information about professional services and an uncanny way of cutting through lots of data to be able to offer help that goes right to the heart of the issue.
Sue Maren, Vice-President - THE BRATTLE GROUP

I have read your e-book, and have in fact recommended it to many others.  It contains some superb advice, based on real experiences.  I like that aspect in particular.  I will remain in touch, and appreciative of your approach to law firm leadership and information sharing.  I feel you provide a valuable service to current and future law firm leaders.
Richard A. Agnew, Managing Partner - VAN NESS FELDMAN

I was struck by the synthesis of the issues you presented.  It was amazingly clear and comprehensive, given the breadth of the topic and the short time available.  I was delighted to attend the event and I learned a lot from it.
Hugh Verrier, Chairman - WHITE & CASE

Your one-day seminar was fantastic and I am already employing some of the techniques.
Vincent Cino, Managing Partner - JACKSON LEWIS

Thought you might appreciate some feed back from one of the candidates concerning the interviews on Monday.  I thought the interview format was excellent.  As a candidate, the format gave me confidence that the questions and manner of interview would be as uniform as possible between each of the candidate interviews.  It put in place a real sense of fairness in the process.
I also thought that having the questions asked by you was an excellent idea as it allowed members of the committee to listen and absorb information without having to think about what they might have to do during the process, such as thinking of questions to ask next, etc.  I think it allowed them to reflect on what was being said, especially with your style of encouraging deeper answers.
Finally, there was your role and performance.  One word describes it -- excellent.  I have never been questioned by anyone like you with your style, and I have been in many private and public situations in which I have received everything from kind to angry questions and questioning.  You were unique in my experience.  You asked for the most part tough, challenging and thought provoking questions.  You did so in a very pleasant, but subtly demanding way.  What I mean by that is as you asked the question and responded to the answer, you did so in a pleasant, friendly, and encouraging way, but, ever so respectfully and encouragingly, probed for a deeper answer if you thought the answer was incomplete or the question had not otherwise been as fully addressed as it could have been.  Paraphrasing, "That's a great answer, that's a really good answer, its really thoughtful, but could you go into a little more detail about how you think . . ."  As the interview progressed, I was not only challenged, but came to enjoy that challenge and the exchange.
In short, I think you did an excellent job for the firm on Monday and have added much to this process.  In following up with those in the interview to learn if anything I said led to any additional questions, every person I talked to felt Monday was a good day for the firm and that you had done a great job in facilitating the interviews.  Not withstanding how the process finally ends for me, I thought you should and would like to know my impressions.
Managing Director Candidate involved in leadership selection process.

Your Seminar really did help me to prioritize my goals and objectives for the first 100 days.  As I look back, I really didn't know what I didn't know leading up to taking on this new responsibility as the Managing Partner.  The guidance and suggestions I took away from the seminar (and reading materials) were extremely helpful.  I had a much better understanding of what to expect. I really do appreciate all of your help.
Richard D. Nix, Managing Partner - MCAFEE & TAFT

I thought your course was outstanding.  I found the strategic approach to the transition excellent.  Specifically, the counterintuitive suggestions such as pursuing a strategic agenda as opposed to a strategic plan.  The Hogan Assessment was outstanding.  It’s truly a bonus because while corporations utilize those types of instruments, law firms do not.
Steven H. Wright, Managing Partner - HOLLAND & KNIGHT

I thought the program content was extremely worthwhile.  In fact, I have already used many of the ideas shared at the MasterClass.  The limited number of attendees was a big plus, as it enabled me to get answers specific to my situation.  I would recommend this course to anybody assuming a leadership role at a law firm.

I must tell you that your contribution to the group of esteemed Equity Partners about strategic planning and visioning generated so many new ideas and supported their mission more than anyone they interviewed.  The members were very animated and excited after you spoke.  Your input was so thought-provoking and interesting - really can't tell you how much we appreciated your time.
Jo Moore, Senior Vice-President Organizational Development Services - CALIPER CORPORATION


To date, Patrick has worked with leading firms internationally in assisting their efforts to initiate, manage, and develop Client Teams to serve such Fortune 1000 Companies as: ABN Amro, Fortis Bank, ING Group, Medtronic, Nissan, Lehman Brothers, Pfizer, Schering-Plough, Unilever, and United Technologies Corporation.

Patrick received rave reviews from our attorneys who said he really helped them to understand the tenets of exemplary client service and how this leads to client loyalty.  He is professional, a delight to work with, and truly at the top of his game.  As a result of his influence and the program he helped us to institute, client service is not a "program" or "initiative" at our firm, it is an intrinsic part of our culture.
Lynn Catanzaro, Director of Client Development - LOWENSTEIN SANDLER

Patrick has helped our firm with a number of projects including establishing several successful "Client Teams".  He is extremely knowledgable and works effectively with lawyers because he understands the situations and roadblocks they face.
Clint Marcham, Director of Business Development - FASKEN MARTINEAU

Thank you for taking the extra time with us.  It was very interesting and informative, and your teaching continues to reverberate positively around the firm.  In so many ways, large and small, we became better and more focused through those sessions.  For my part, I would recommend you and your insights to anyone who asks or needs wise counsel on business development and management.  
Richard A. Agnew, Executive Committee and Office Managing Partner - VAN NESS FELDMAN


Over the years Patrick has conducted Retreats for hundreds of firms, occasionally including separate sessions for both associates and support staff. These retreats have covered topics ranging from thinking through the firm's future strategic direction to organizing focused business development efforts to defining the specific commitment that partners owe each other - always incorporating the development of specific action plans together with a process that ensures ease of implementation and follow-up.

I received a lot of great feedback regarding the presentation, and your comments.
Catherine Austin, Client Relations Director - BAKER BOTTS

Thank you for helping us plan and implement our Retreat this weekend.  Your advice and gentle guidance really helped make the whole event a hit.
Gary M. Wingens, Managing Director - LOWENSTEIN SANDLER

We have not fully assessed things yet but what we are currently hearing is that it was the best retreat the Firm has ever had.  The Executive Committee and those you met with on Friday were all most complimentary of your presentation and efforts.  I believe all of the practice groups felt that their time together on Saturday was time well spent and no one complained of there being too much time.  We were very happy with the value you delivered and don’t be shy about suggesting other ways which you may be of assistance to us down the road.
Michael Foster, Managing Partner - JACKSON KELLY

It was really good to see you at our firm retreat last weekend.  I thought that your contribution to the success of the retreat was exceptional.  I have been involved in firm retreats for over 20 years now and I think your contribution was the best I have ever seen.  Your industry knowledge was first rate and you held the attention of our lawyers all morning and kept them participating.  It was obvious that you gained their respect early on and held it through the morning and the next day.
Walter Grebe, Chairman Emeritus - SCHWABE WILLIAMSON

I was fortunate to attend this week's CBA conference "Leading the Canadian Law Firm in the 21st Century: Managing the Future". Key topics included the talent pool, managing risk, and managing conflicts. While the materials and discussions on these topics all merit further comment here, Patrick McKenna's keynote address contained a real life illustration on how to "redefine" client expectations that can be readily adapted by any service provider.
Elizabeth Ellis, Director of Knowledge Management - TORYS  [Canada]

I couldn't wait to get back to my desk to put the ideas into practice.
Stephen Whittaker, Practice Leader - WEIGHTMANS  [UK]

First rate consultant who very quickly impressed partners and associates with his professionalism.  This led to the sessions having a great deal of credibility with the lawyers.    
Wylie Spicer, Chairman - MCINNES COOPER  [Canada]

On behalf of the members of our management committee who attended the presentations in Chicago, I want to express our appreciation for insights gained throughout the day. Your summary on the nature and aspects of changing lawyer behavior will be very helpful to us as we proceed with the formulation of our future.  Thanks again for a very productive day.
Lawrence J. Murphy, Managing Partner - VARNUM RIDDERING

Many thanks for your presentation in Montreal.  There were many very positive comments after the session.  The audience was understandably very impressed.
Peter Bartlett, Chairman  - WORLD SERVICES GROUP

Thank you.  We were so happy to have you on board and from what Jon and I heard, your key note presentation was great!
Dana Kahn, Conference Coordinator -
Thank you for an outstanding presentation to our Managing Partner's breakfast meeting.
William Arthur, Director of Professional Practices - BARCLAYS BANK

A quick note to say a big, big thank you for all your efforts this week with the three Seminars that you presented.  The feedback on the questionnaires has been excellent, especially today in New York.  You have been a star.  If you would be interested in turning this into an annual event, we would too!
Morgan Rigby, President - MBL SEMINARS

Thanks so much for your help with our Retreat.  Our people were highly engaged and you had a lot to do with that.  Our attorneys are often highly critical of the people we ask to facilitate our retreats but without exception, everyone had glowing reviews and gratitude for your contributions over the weekend.
Robert Romanoff, Managing Partner - LEVENFELD PEARLSTEIN

Your presentation was well received and I thank you sincerely, both for attending the conference and for interviewing the partners.
Peter Appleton Jones, CEO - TAGLaw

Thank you again for agreeing to address our US Law Firm Group meeting.  NUMEROUS managing partners told me afterwards that it was one of the best programs ever and that you were terrific!
Guy N. Halgren, Chairman - SHEPPARD MULLIN

From the feedback that we have gathered, the delegates were extremely impressed by your presentation. Many commented that your presentation was energetic and provocative. Some of the other comments stated 'Phenomenal speaker' and 'Very interactive, very knowledgeable.' It has been our great pleasure and delight being able to meet and work with you at this conference.
Fiona Tan, Conference Development Manager - THE ASIA BUSINESS FORUM [Singapore]

Thanks for a terrific session. I personally took a great deal away from the presentation.  You clearly have great experience and very clear insights -- and of course you have a terrific presentational style.
Ruth Wright, Senior Research Associate - THE CONFERENCE BOARD

We deeply appreciated your contributions to AMCF's educational offerings and giving our audience the opportunity of being with you in person to hear about your latest work.



The mind of Patrick McKenna, one of the world's leading consultants to law and other professional service firms, is a wondrous thing to watch.  It goes bravely into the darkest recesses of practice and knowledge, and spreads light where no light has been seen before.
Bruce Marcus, author of numerous books on professional service firm issues

I read much of your material and respect your work.  Very thoughtful and thought provoking.  I try to be consistent with that excellent standard.
Michael Nannes, Chairman - DICKSTEIN SHAPIRO

Patrick McKenna is my mentor and consigliore when it comes to taking the pulse on private law management and leadership, as his career has spanned the oceans and hundreds of different firms, in all the glories of their depressing dysfuctionalities, and also the inspiration of their idealism and good deeds.
Edwin Resser, former Office Managing Partner - SONNENSCHEIN NATH

I have just read your article!  I just wanted to say that I thought it was absolutely sensational - right on the point - and I have copied it to each of my Business Unit Leaders.  Keep up the good work.    
Don Boyd, Chairman - DEACONS  [Australia]

Just a note to tell you that I thought your article in the current issue of International Practice Manager was outstanding and I intend to use it as a basis for a discussion that our firm's leadership will be having with respect to strategy next month.
Robert S. Vineberg, Senior Partner - DAVIES WARD PHILLIPS & VINEBERG  [Canada]

Just finished reading your article.  ~~Wow~~  An incredible piece of work!!  And a substantial, thoughtful article for our readers.  In particular, a key part of our leadership issue.  Many thanks!!!!!
David J. Bilinsky, Editor-in-Chief - LAW PRACTICE MAGAZINE

In all of my years of being involved in law firm management (started at Sachnoff, now Reed Smith Chicago; being on the Executive Committee in 1983 and went on the EC at Benesch in 1991), I have often felt that Patrick McKenna is one of the brightest consultants in law firm management.  Just a really thoughtful, experienced guy who really observes and listens."
James Hill, Chairman - BENESCH FRIEDLANDER

I truly have benefitted a lot from reading your articles on law firm management and the reality of what you're doing for us is to provide useful and challenging insights into social norms and accepted practices.
Leon Loganathan, Managing Partner - WARD KELLER

Patrick is a luminary in the business of law.  He is my favorite for a 1000 reasons and I go to his work for inspiration and guidance constantly.  He's a cool guy too. Bravo. 

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