Our faculty is comprised of the two co-authors of Serving At The Pleasure of My Partners: Advice For The NEW Firm Leader.

Patrick J. McKenna

Patrick McKenna is an internationally recognized authority on law practice management.  Since 1983 he has worked with the top management of premier law firms to discuss, challenge, and escalate their thinking on how to manage and compete effectively.

He is the author of numerous works including Herding Cats: A Handbook for Managing Partners and Practice Leaders (1995); and Beyond Knowing: 16 Cage-Rattling Questions To Jump-Start Your Practice Team (2000). One of the profession's foremost specialists in practice leadership, his book (co-authored with David Maister), First Among Equals: How to Manage a Group of Professionals, (The Free Press, 2002) topped business bestseller lists in the United States, Canada and Australia; has been translated into nine languages, is currently in its sixth printing, and received an award for being one of the best business books of 2002.  In 2005, the book Management Skills (John Wiley) named Patrick among “leading thinkers in the field of management;” and in 2006, his e-book First 100 Days: Transitioning A New Managing Partner (NXTBook) earned glowing reviews and has been read by leaders in 63 countries.

His published articles have appeared in over 50 of the leading professional journals, newsletters, and online sources; and his work has been featured in Fast Company, Business Week, The Globe and Mail, The Economist, Investor’s Business Daily and The Financial Times.

Patrick did his MBA graduate work at the Canadian School of Management, is one of the first alumni of Harvard’s Leadership in Professional Service Firms program, and has professional certifications in management.  He has served at least one of the top ten largest firms in each of over a dozen different countries on issues associated with strategic differentiation, improving profitability, client service excellence, implementing change, and effective firm governance.

Brian K. Burke, Esq.
Chair Emeritus Baker & Daniels

Brian Burke currently serves as Chair Emeritus at Baker & Daniels, based in Indianapolis, Indiana.  His civil litigation practice concentrates in the areas of business torts and unfair competition, employment, intellectual property, securities and products liability.  He is also a Certified, Registered Civil Mediator in Indiana.

Brian is a frequent speaker at law firm management seminars and conferences. His presentations include: "Cultivating the Client-Focused Firm Through Proactive Leadership at the Strategic Business Unit," Keynote Speaker, Practice Group Leadership Forum, Managing Partner Magazine Seminar, Chicago, 2007; "Ask the Client — A Program for Assessing Performance," Best Practices for Law Firm Management Conference, Miami, 2006; "Empowering the Firm's COO and CFO to Run the Business of the Firm Like a Business," The Law Firm Leadership Institute Conference, 2005; "Law Firm Governance," Lex Mundi Managing Partners' Conference, London, 2003; and "Using Compensation Systems as a Management Tool," The Law Firm Partner Compensation Summit, Chicago, 2002

Brian completed his 18th year in a leadership position at Baker & Daniels in 2007.  Elected to the Management Committee in 1990, the firm appointed him Managing Partner in January 1993.  In his 15 years as Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Brian led Baker & Daniels' expansion geographically across Indiana and around the globe, as well as doubling the number of lawyers and consultants practicing from offices in Indiana, Washington, D.C. and China. B&D Consulting, a division of Baker & Daniels, also grew in numbers and services, providing a national multidisciplinary team of government affairs, health reimbursement, media and public relations professionals from its office in Washington, D.C.

In addition, Burke helped conceive and implement initiatives to improve and expand service to clients, accommodate more flexible work schedules for the firm's attorneys, raise the firm's visibility in the marketplace, enhance the firm's support of the communities in which its offices are located and strategize for the future needs and interests of Baker & Daniels, B&D Consulting and their clients.




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