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My LegalEvolution Articles

I’m pleased to share a collection of articles that I’ve written over the past few months, all of which I was grateful to have posted on my friend, Professor Bill Henderson’s excellent LegalEvolution website. 
Each of these is intended to be prescriptive in terms of sharing specific steps for how and what action one might take, given various situations concerning issues of law firm leadership or strategy. These all emanate from my observations, research and consulting experiences. I sincerely hope that some of these may be of interest and useful to you:
 Should Firm Leaders Take The Lead on Their Own Performance Review?
It takes a very strong leader to voluntarily initiate having their colleagues give them performance feedback, but the BENEFITS of doing so are enormous.
 10 Fatal Traps That Explain Why Law Firm Strategic Plans are D.O.A.
Today if you have any interest in “REAL" strategic planning, I tell leaders that there are a number of fatal traps you need to ensure you don’t fall victim to.
 Agile Leadership: Navigating the Double-Bind.
I’ve discerned there are a number of what I would label the “Double-Binds” of leadership” – the ongoing dynamics of the job that incumbents WRESTLE with.
 Ensuring Follow-Through on Partner Promises.
How do you get your partners to actually do what they promised you? I didn’t promise that my approach will always be easy. I only promise that it WORKS.
 The Highest Performing Teams Have Rules.
The best performing teams discovered that to operate effectively, they needed to FORMALIZE what they should specifically be able to expect of each other as members.
 Where Leadership Training Falls Short.
Here are 7 distinct shortcomings where I’ve concluded that leadership training is all too often an unfortunate waste of money – but ALL of them can be corrected.
 Sharing Firm Leadership: Not for The Faint of Heart.
Any notion of having co-leaders may seem attractive, but the REALITY of what can occur is a lot more complicated.


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