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Revisiting My Most POPULAR Prescriptive LinkedIn Posts.

During the past months I've authored a number of lengthy, in-depth articles on Professor Bill Henderson’s LegalEvolution site, while also endeavoring to regularly share advice through LinkedIn – brief observations, recommendations, and personal rants.

Here are 15 of the most popular, according to your readership numbers and commentary contributions:

 Having Practice/Industry Group CO-LEADERS - Why It RARELY Works!

 Those Who Focus on INDUSTRIES in 2023 Will Make Impactful Gains.

 Client Interest BEFORE Self Interest - ALWAYS!

 The Space Industry: Offers Lucrative Legal Micro-Niches.

 Reputation Is a NON-Renewable Resource!

 Being a Leader Is Actually All About RELATIONSHIPS.

 Why Many Leaders Are Unknowingly Delusional.

 Beware The Zombie Client!

 You Claim to Have Industry Practices - But Who Are You Kidding?

 What Makes Focusing on Industries SO Difficult.

 Dealing With Partners Who Do NOT Want to Play on an Industry Team.

 Cross-Selling : The Ever-Persistent Wet Dream Strategy

 You Thought You Displayed Thought Leadership - Think Again!

 Will More Law Firms Follow This Example?

 Let’s Make Any Big Four’s Encroachment On Your Clients IRRELEVANT!

Stay future focused.

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