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Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Toastmasters International.


Toastmasters International® celebrates100 years (1924-2024) of serving members in 148 countries. 

While I am not an official member of TOASTMASTERS, largely because of my onerous travel schedule over the years, I have attended meetings, know numerous members and was asked back in 2008 whether I might agree to contribute by AUTHORING a submission for an upcoming publication intended to educate, inspire and promote important LEADERSHIP LESSONS. 

“Welcome to the ‘never-ending’ journey and evolving career and focus on personal leadership development. It has been said that ‘Toastmasters gives you the confidence, courage, and skill to overcome any communication and leadership challenges and move forward with SUPERIOR EXECUTION.’”

Well, that 2008 publication proved to be highly successful and has NOW been updated, revised and EXPANDED to include 60 recognized leadership experts and is being RELEASED as a 320-page Book, to celebrate the 100thAnniversary of Toastmasters. “IN THE COMPANY OF LEADERS” will provide you with valuable and proven guidance for your own successful leadership adventure. 

“This is a special offering, intended for fellow Toastmasters, as they continue their leadership JOURNEY in hopes that they will find it helpful as they all enter their 2nd century SERVING their fellow Toastmasters!”


Needless to say, I am honored to ONCE AGAIN be included amongst an amazing faculty of 60 leadership experts who have shared their wisdom. Including a number of my OLD FRIENDS and new, you can examine insights from . . .

• Marshall Goldsmith; 

• Nido Qubein; 

• Marjorie Brody; 

• Mark Sanborn;

• Janet Lapp; 

• Brian Tracy; 

• Barbara Glanz; 

• Joe Calloway; 

• Jim Cathcart; and

Dozens of other contributors.


As a participating author, I am making these COMPLIMENTARY copies MY gift to those interested in growing their leadership knowledge and in learning more about Toastmasters.


DOWNLOAD your personal copy HERE:



Personal thanks to my old friend, Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey who conceived of and spearheaded this endeavor, selected the invited authors, and graciously determined that not just one, but TWO of my articles should be included in this publication. This publication marks the 46th international, legal or business book that I have contributed a Chapter to, over the course of my career (since 1990); and the second such book to be released so far this year.

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