Being The Subject of A Harvard Case Study

Three decades of experience in consulting led to being the subject of a Harvard Law School Case Study entitled: Innovations In Legal Consulting

I was initially contacted by Nicholas Petrie, a Harvard Master’s Candidate in October 2010 proposing to interview, research and write a case study on my work.

"I am studying at the Harvard Law School, have read your work over the years, and in particular enjoyed First Among Equals. I have a proposal for you! My big assignment is to write a great case study and I would like to sound you out to see if I could do it on you."

According to Nicholas, “If we are both happy to we can use the case as a teaching tool, but if it is sensitive then I am happy to leave closed.” Following a number of interviews and extensive email correspondence, Nicholas sent me the draft in December and submitted the final Case Study to the School in January 2011

“All done. Thanks for taking the time to work with me on this. I have attached the case study. Please feel free to use. I am not sure if someone can teach a case study on themself, but I am sure your mind will find innovating applications.”

I am told that my case is indexed next to cases like: Heller Ehrman: Defection to Dissolution; Ernst & Young LLP: Challenges in Global Integration; Sullivan & Cromwell: An Organization in Transition; and Brandon University: An Institution in Turmoil.

To Download and Read a copy of the Case Study: 


Patrick, what a great case study and a tribute to your innovative thinking. I just noticed
that the attorneys at Milbank Tweed have announced that they will be starting an eight day,
annual training session focused on business principles at Harvard Law. The
program is being developed by the firm and Harvard Law professor Ashish Nanda,
executive director of the school's executive education program. Milbank may be the first
to read all about you as part of their leadership training.
TTM, Managing Shareholder

Lawdragon Ranks Top Consultants

I guess it was inevitable.  It was just a matter of time.  First we saw clients rating individual lawyers that ultimately resulted in listings of the best attorneys by practice area.  Then we witnessed even the ABA getting into the act with it’s soliciting votes and rendering a critical assessment of legal blogs (a number of which received a pretty pathetic few votes!)  And apparently now we have the managing partners of significant law firms evaluating and voting on the merits of individual law firm consultants.

Now I remember a time when I began consulting to law firms when I knew every consultant that served the profession and could name the various consulting firms on one hand (no exaggeration).  So imagine my surprise when I learned that Lawdragon was preparing a listing of the "100 Legal Consultants You Need to Know."

How did I find out about this listing?

A short while ago I received a very flattering note from Katrina Dewey, the CEO and Publisher of Lawdragon stating:  “Congratulations! Lawdragon has selected you for inclusion in its upcoming feature: ‘100 Legal Consultants You Need to Know.’  Hundreds of consultants for the legal industry were nominated from throughout the country.  We will be posting this issue online and will also include your recognition in our annual print publication released this fall.”

100 Legal Consultants?  I couldn’t believe that they were serious.  A Hundred???  That must include every possible consultant who professes to serve the profession.  My immediate response to Katrina (in addition to being highly flattered) was to inquire of her –  “come on now, were there really hundreds of consultants nominated?”

What I learned was that Lawdragon’s researchers surveyed managing partners from all across the country.  Katrina was very gracious in her feedback: I have to say that I think you received more glowing recommendations than any other ‘consultant’ on the list.  You have quite a legion of supporters.  Extraordinarily impressive.  For the consultants, in addition to the high-level strategic ‘consultants’ of which you are an outstanding example, we include legal recruiters, marketing consultants, generational change advisors, technology advisors and a hodgepodge of others.”

Looking at the list you may likely conclude that there are no big surprises here, but that said, my sincere thanks to those clients, whoever you are, who voted for and graciously commented on my capabilities.

And, HUGE KUDOS to the researchers and staff at Lawdragon for all of their work in compiling this list.  It is definitely a first and will likely be distributed widely amongst the major law firms and closely scrutinized by those managing partners requiring solid advisory counsel.

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Lawdragon is the fastest-growing legal community in the world.  At, you can find the lawyer you need, read critical reviews of lawyers and judges, find out who's the best with the Lawdragon guides, and enjoy free legal news through their featured news items.

“LawDragon is thrilled to have published the first guide to the nation's most exclusive consultants, which was selected through a combination of online balloting and old fashioned reporting.  We asked law firm leaders who they turn to and they responded with a list of strategic, recruiting and public relations professionals that is truly the crème of the crop.” said Katrina Dewey, CEO, Lawdragon Inc.

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