Facilitation Assistance


We all know how frustrating it is when important meetings don't go as well as planned or hoped, or don't reach the needs of the participants or the firm?

Patrick can facilitate important client, leadership, project or team meetings to ensure all the issues are raised, clear action plans are developed and the desired outcomes are met.


Meetings are a huge source of frustration and stress. Meetings are a huge investment in time and resources. All of us go to meetings. Few of us go to consistently effective meetings.

Meetings can be a valuable way to solve problems, build consensus, reach agreements, set strategy and more.

Meetings Are a Big Investment. Think about the last important meeting you attended. How many partners were there? Given the expensive resource of partner time, with a few quick calculations you can see how much that meeting "cost."

Now think about how effective that meeting was. Were the desired outcomes reached? Were they reached in a timely manner? Were the best outcomes reached, or did the group eventually just "get through the agenda"?

Now ask yourself the question, Did we make a good investment? If the answer is yes, that's great! But if you get a different answer, you need to think about how to improve the return on that investment.

A skilled meeting facilitator can improve that investment.



Facilitators help in a variety of ways, including:

* Providing process

* Providing focus

* Keeping the group on track

* Making sure everyone is contributing

* Maintaining a meeting flow

* Reducing wasted time

* Helping reach the desired outcomes

* Providing accountability

* Providing perspective and a fresh look at situations

* Asking tough questions when needed

All of these roles can increase the effectiveness of the meeting process and improve the outcomes of the meeting. Effectively facilitated meetings reach better outcomes in less time with less stress and more enjoyment.

Clients find that Patrick can raise energy, provide direction and help them reach better results than they had previously. Patrick has facilitated meetings for:

* Problem Solving

* Team Building

* Strategy Development

* Improving Partnerships and Alliances

* Project Planning

* Project Deployment

* And more!

Patrick's job is to manage the group dynamics and group process so you can focus on your business concerns. With your talent, and effective facilitation, the results of your meetings are virtually unlimited!



"Yours is truly a unique approach and I just hope we do it and nobody else does! You just keep pouring them out!  I just got the award for "Marketing Partner of the Year" in Orlando.  Where is the " Innovative Consultant of the Year", I will nominate you!"

• Ronald Martin, Strategic Planning Chairman – Holland & Hart

"First rate consultants who very quickly impressed partners and associates with their professionalism. This led to the sessions having a great deal of credibility with the lawyers."

• Wylie Spicer, Chairman - McInnes Cooper

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