Retreat & Workshop Approach

Patrick has developed a number of retreat and workshop programs that enable you to give time and emphasis to helping your professionals develop and implement effective action plans.

Patrick is available to conference with you prior to any planned Retreat to ensure that the ultimate program design is appropriately focused and aligned with your firm's unique culture, circumstances, and goals. He would want to brief himself fully on the culture and relevant characteristics of your firm; and immediately following your Retreat program to debrief, assess the session, and examine how he can further support your professionals with their various commitments.

Within your Retreat sessions Patrick would serve as your "coach" (to encourage individual participation), "catalyst" (to share substantive ideas based on his twenty years of extensive experience), and "facilitator" (to enable the development of a specific action plan agreeable to the group).

Patrick would provide pre-reading materials for your participants to prepare for the sessions and also bring materials that can be given out during the session for the participants to utilize.

In all of these Retreat endeavors the underlying philosophy and efforts have always been directed toward client self-sufficiency, with a commitment to being pragmatic and providing results. Patrick believes that you must realize a "return on investment" (value) from his participation that will exceed your expectations.

Further, he believes that he can contribute:

• Objective experience from years of working with professional firms of all sizes;

• Ability to serve as coach, catalyst, and facilitator in contributing ideas, concepts and techniques to provoke your own thinking;

• Knowledge as to which strategies can have the highest probability of being effective at helping you achieve your objectives;

• A propensity to be implementation oriented in ensuring that there are always actionable plans in place with individuals identified for having responsibility to move things forward; and

• Absolute dedication to your complete satisfaction



Planning Your Firm Retreat


"I am a firm believer in 'hard core' training and have enjoyed very much working with Patrick McKenna and others, who don't hold anything back, are not worried about telling the lawyers that change has to begin with them and that are willing to listen, think, reason and find answers even to the toughest questions and objections."

• Tea Hoffman, Chief Business Development Officer & Partner at Baker Donelson

"I received a lot of great feedback regarding the presentation and your comments in particular."

• Catherine Austin, Chief Marketing Officer - BAKER BOTTS LLP

"Thank you for helping us plan and implement our Retreat this weekend.  Your advice and gentle guidance really helped make the whole event a hit.  I know that our focus group leaders especially appreciated your help in training and guiding them."

• Gary M. Wingens, Managing Partner - LOWENSTEIN SANDLER PC

“I think the retreat went very well!  I’ve heard lots of comments that the quality of your presentation and the discussions it initiated was at a much higher level than at our previous retreats.  I plan to keep in touch with you.  Let me rather belatedly thank you again for your guidance, assistance, and wisdom.  If you ever have a potential client who wishes to speak with someone who has used your assistance, please don’t hesitate to give them my name.”

• Doug Stanley, Managing Partner - FOULSTON SIEFKIN LLP

"I thought that your contribution to the success of our firm retreat was exceptional.  I have been involved in firm retreats for over 20 years now and I think your contribution was the best I have ever seen.  Your industry knowledge was first rate and you held the attention of our lawyers all morning and kept them participating.  It was obvious that you gained their respect early on and held it through the morning and the next day."

• Walt Grebe, retired Managing Partner - SCHWABE WILLIAMSON & WYATT

"We are currently hearing that it was the best retreat the Firm has ever had.  The Executive Committee and those you met with on Friday were all most complimentary of your presentation and efforts.  I believe all of the practice groups felt that their time together on Saturday was time well spent and no one complained of there being too much time.  Let’s us digest this a bit more here and then decide what our next step will be with you.  We were very happy with the value you delivered and don’t be shy about suggesting other ways which you may be of assistance to us down the road.  Thanks."

• Michael D. Foster, Managing Partner – JACKSON KELLY

"On behalf of the members of our management committee who attended the presentations in Chicago on Monday, I want to express our appreciation for an insights gained throughout the day.  Your summary on the nature and aspects of changing lawyer behavior will be very helpful to us as we proceed with the formulation of our future.   Thanks again for a very productive day."

• Lawrence J. Murphy, Managing Partner - VARNUM RIDDERING

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