Law firm COOs and senior administrators are invited to join their new or incoming Managing Partners / Firm Leaders for The First 100 Days program.

"I gained immensely from the program and its content.  What made it even more valuable for me, and for our new Managing Partner, was that we experienced it together, giving us and the firm an even stronger return on our investment in this high level of learning."            

Eugene Holderness, COO - LEONARD STREET


Here are some additoinal comments from Eugene Holderness, COO of Leonard Street & Deinard in Minneapolis, who was the first COO to ever attended this masterclass with his new Managing Partner (something we must confess that we had not originally anticipated but learned from Gene taking the initiative):

"Being Manager Partner is totally different from anything else any partner has done prior to that.  Being the CEO / King / top leader of any organization is very different than being in any other leadership position. There are similarities, but some real differences. 

As MP you have real and implied "power" whether you like it or not.  Being aware of that and how to use it and how not to use it is important.  Even your best friends treat you a little differently when you ascend to CEO.  People tell you things they won't tell anyone else.  It is not about you, by the way, but about the CEO position.  

As far as your COO coming to the First 100 Days Master Class, it makes eminent sense.  Why?  Because it is likely that your COO has been through MPF transitions before and can be a value add to the newly minted MP.  Further, the COO is totally dependent on the new CEO for job security, performance review and compensation.  He or she did well with the predecessor, but there may be uncertainty as to how things will play out with the new CEO.  Going together to the seminar, for me, was very helpful on gaining insights and building rapport with our new MP, even though I have been through nine such transitions in my career.  

It is really helpful for the COO to be in the room to listen and observe how the new MP interacts with other MP's and what type of answers he gives and questions he asks.  This helps a good COO learn about the new MP in a way that is quite unique because the MP is free of internal politics in that setting."


The most helpful person to any managing partner (if the MP wants / allows him or her to be) is the COO.  Thus, learning and experiencing this together will strenghen that relationship very early on, likely leading to better results for the firm leader, for the COO and the Firm.  

"Great content based on real world experiences.  I valued all of it.  It was A LOT of content (which I loved but might be hard for some)."              

John Yoshimura, COO – McDERMOTT WILL & EMERY

"This Masterclass is critical to the/any future firm leader or senior/COO type to ensure a successful firm leadership transition.  Thank you for a very informative and thought provoking seminar.  This session should be mandatory for all incoming law firm leaders and COOs."              

John P. Donnelly, COO – JACKSON LEWIS

“I really enjoyed the day. Patrick and Brian are terrific teachers!"                               


“I highly recommend, to anyone taking these roles, participation in this program at least 100 days before your First 100 Days to gain great insights from experience and thorough research.  I would say almost a "MUST" to minimize missteps and maximize opportunities."

Richard Rijolek, Finance Partner / COO – HAYNES AND BOONE





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