Here are some articles that are likely to be of specific interest to the NEW firm leader and indicative of the kind of content covered in this MasterClass:

First 100 Days: Transitioning A New Managing Partner  (E-Book)
This E-Book provides prescriptive counsel on what actions you might consider as you begin undertaking your initial responsibilities.  Included is the experienced wisdom and real-world commentary of some twenty law firm leaders.

The Challenge of Sharing Leadership 
This is the article to read if you are going to have to share – either by having a Firm Chair, a Co-Managing Partner, an Associate Managing Partner, or even a strong COO working with you – which can make for some interpersonal challenges when you have more than one set of hands on the steering wheel.

Leadership Transitions: Seven Steps To Ensure Success             
This is the article to read to help you and your predecessor determine how you will work together going forward.

Successful Transitions: The New Managing Partner’s First Days
How can a new firm leader make the most of this important transition period and avoid the potential pitfalls that can affect their ability to be successful over the long term?  To find out, I interviewed eight new or soon to become managing partners of firms from across the country.

The Tensions of Leadership: Learning To Balance The Ends
From the stress involved in looking like you know what you’re doing and the huge time demands imposed by your partners’ requests, to feeling disoriented by the scale and scope of the man-date, many quietly struggle with the pressures that accompany their leadership roles.

Counseling New Firm Leaders                                      
Here are a dozen quick action tips for new leaders to reflect upon.

Where Leaders Stumble
In working with dozens of firm leaders over the past twenty years, I have observed several warning signs that often lead to weak or ineffective firm leadership.

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