What Should You Do Now? 
A Roundtable Discussion on Law Practice in a Time of Great Economic Turmoil (2008)

All of us worry about the almost daily news of unprecedented economic turmoil and wonder what impact it will have on our own practices and livelihood. We also worry about the impact on our clients, our communities, our countries and our futures.

I've never seen such an unsettling combination of denial and fear. Lawyers who say that they really don't expect to see any impact will suddenly confess that they are very worried about getting paid on any of their bills for the rest of the year and whether they can keep their jobs. Deep concern lies very close to the surface and will come to light in even casual conversations. The situation feels very different from earlier down times.

This special roundtable article arose from my own concerns and my desire to find out what experts on the legal profession were thinking and recommending. As a result, I decided to just ask them. I invited some of my favorite leading lights in law practice management to, on short notice, participate in a the following roundtable discussion. I'm grateful at how many were able to contribute to this article on a tight deadline.

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