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When It Comes Time To Instigate Change

Leadership Lessons From The Trenches

The Fearless Leader's Advisory Board

Passing The Baton: The Last 100 Days (Ark Pub, 2008)

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beyondKNOWING (IBMP, 2000)

Herding Cats (IBMP)

Becoming Firm Leader

The Disruption In Transitioning To A New Firm Leader

Analyzing A Leadership Candidate's Strengths

How Effective Leaders Delegate

The Value in Developing A Leadership Brand

How New Managing Partners Can Avoid Being BlindSided

The Leadership Succession Process

When Job Descriptions Don't Do The Job

Recovering From A Leadership Misstep

When Firm Leaders Transition

The Question of Partner Compensation Guarantees

Firm Leadership Is NOT For Wimps!

Exploring The Dark Side: When Leaders Overuse Their Strengths

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6 Factors That Can Impede Effective Firm Leader-COO Relationships

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Thought-Provoking Management Metrics

Sliced Too Thin (AmLaw article)

Surviving The Switch: Thrive During A Change in Firm Leadership

Do You Know What It Takes To Be A Firm Leader?

Crazy Like A Fox

Low Return (AmLaw article)

Roundtable On Managing Partner Compensation

McKenna On Leading Change In Your Firm

Confronting The Underperforming Partner

The Challenge of Sharing Leadership

Managing Partner Outlook

The State of Law Firm Leadership

Evaluating Your Performance As A Managing Partner

Where Leaders Stumble

Rules of Engagement (2010)

Counseling New Firm Leaders (2010)

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Schedule Time For Strategic Thinking

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How to make Stategic Innovation Happen (2002)

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Seven Questions To Ask Yourself

Acknowledge Your People's Endeavors

Take Time To Be Inspiring

You Get What You Deserve

Seeing Through Your Client's Eyes

Defining Your Performance Metrics

The Quest For Seamless Service


A handbook for managing partners and practice group leaders

Whether in the service to your firm as a managing partner or heading up a practice group, by now you will have heard all of the common cliches about how the job of working with and managing other professionals is akin to being the only fire hydrant on a street full of dogs; like lighting your hair and then putting the fire out with a hammer; like nailing Jell-O to the wall; pushing string across a table; or (the one I most commonly hear quoted) "like herding cats!"

This handbook is intended to be a catalyst to provoke your thinking and provide you with a working reference of what the job really entails.  You will find no pompous concepts spelling out the quick fix leadership-awakening diet. There are no arrogant value judgments proposing one type of firm culture, compensation system or leadership personality as being more desirable, superior or effective than any other.  What I hope you will find is a rich menu of practical and inspiring examples drawn from my research and client work.


Your Introduction To Cat Herding
When Leaders Are At Their Best
Get To Know Each Individual Cat
Become An Enthusiastic Change Agent
Provide A Living Example
Support Practice Group Collaboration
Avoid The Quick Fixes
Achieve Hard Results In A Hurry
Make Sure Everyone Knows The Business
Crank Up The Communication Effort
Sweat The Small Stuff
Focus On Innovation, Not Fixing
Build Your Skills Inventory
Encourage Continuous Abandonment
Avoid Tolerating Mediocrity
Remove The Obstacles
Be Generous With Providing Recognition
Track and Celebrate Accomplishments


This work is an arrow to the heart of the leadership matter. In the competitive environment faced by professionals today, classic management styles of the past simply don't work anymore.  This incredibly pragmatic work is not only valuable, but crucial.  If there's a more useful or practical view of the situation than you or I might have thought of, you can bet that you'll find it in this comprehensive spectrum of leadership guidelines for the professional practitioner.  Any firm leaders who do not learn what's in this handbook can expect to be surpassed in the marketplace by those who do.
Bruce W. Marcus, author, Competing For Clients In The '90s.

Herding Cats is both profound and practical.  There exists no better guide to influencing and leading professionals. This is must reading.
David H. Maister, author, Managing The Professional Service Firm and True Professionalism


When I first received Herding Cats, I put it aside for vacation reading. When I picked it up again, I read it from cover to cover and said 'WOW - - what great ideas and thoughts.' I immediately ordered a copy for each of our department chairs and practice group leaders. For me, the most powerful idea in the publication is 'Focusing on innovating - - not fixing.' This single idea has changed the way we manage our firm.
John S. Oyler, Managing Partner, McNees Wallace & Nurick

This handbook is just the ticket for busy Management Committee lawyers in the firm - a quick read but far from shallow. More like a fast, cool dip in the deep end - and just as refreshing.
David Cruickshank, Director of Professional Development, Gowling Strathy & Henderson

After I finished reading Herding Cats, I did what any good leader would do - - I ordered 30 more copies for our practice groups. You will not find as much wisdom and experience about law firm management in any other single place.
Joseph V. Walker, President & Chief Executive Officer, Plunkett & Cooney

You must have been spending considerable time in our office to be aware of so many of the issues that affect us. I ordered multiple copies of Herding Cats to circulate among my partners, which lent the voice of authority to many of the decisions made. For a relatively small volume, there is considerable content and substance.
Robert Cohen, Managing Partner, Blaney McMurtry Stapells Friedman

Herding Cats succinctly presents basic management and leadership principles that are all too often forgotten. It is an easy and quick read and probably should be read a few times a year by anyone who leads a law firm or a practice group within a law firm.
Lawrence Gerber, Managing Partner McDermott Will & Emery

I certainly enjoyed reading your original publication Herding Cats and I must confess I have heard it more accurately described recently as 'more akin to herding Tigers'. I feel that your publication brings together in a clear and concise manner some of the fundamental issues that face those involved in managing professional service firms.
John Churchill, Managing Partner Dunhill Madden Butler (Australia)


Forget the latest business blockbuster and the management theory-of-the-month club, Herding Cats has more practical, usable information on leading a professional service firm than anything I've come across in years. It's a half-hour reading investment that pays off with a recommitment to innovation, communication, and true leadership.
William L. Matthews, Managing Partner Plante & Moran, LLP

A number of our practice leaders have shared Herding Cats with both their clients and the professional staff in their offices. The book provides many helpful 'compass' guidelines that allow leaders to 'set their courses' and navigate their ways through critical practice leadership issues. The partners in our group find Herding Cats to be uniquely on point in addressing their needs as leaders in a highly-matrixed, consultative, professional services organization.
R. Todd Rossel, National Director of Human Resources
Management Solutions & Services, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Herding Cats has been a real hit and an inspiration . . . Your insights cut across the spectrum of human nature, giving something of value to every reader.
Donald J. Figura, Managing Partner, Wolf & Company

Leadership is a critical issue in today's professional services company. As firms move to a more corporate environment, the advice and commentary in Herding Cats is not only essential but helps the firm leader maintain perspective. It's a must read for every practice leader.
Jim Fitzpatrick, Partner, McGladrey & Pullen and Director of the McGladrey Network

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